Just One More Chapter Fundraiser

Donate anytime between now and Valentine’s Day in order to get your own mini LBS Bundle! Go to our donation page and in the comments put the name, age, and address of the recipient. Adults can get bundles too!

Book Bundle Deliveries!

Help us get one step closer to getting our LBS Bus on the road by signing up for a Book Bundle Delivery! We have received so many great donations we want to share some of the children’s books with the community while supporting LBS. Make a $10 donation (per child) and leave their age, name, and address for delivery in the comments. Do this anytime between June 15th and June 26th. We will do a no contact drop off June 29th or 30th at your home with your child’s personalized bundle. Please be a resident or have drop off address in Wicomico, Worcester, or Somerset County.

The bundle will include at least 3 gently used books that are age appropriate, an activity or comfort item, and worksheets. Please go to Donation page to sign up!

See our Facebook page for registration information and our most current event information.